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Welcome to The Lawn Guy

Garden and Lawn Maintenance, Fertilisation and Aerator in Chester and around Cheshire

Not only is The Lawn Guy one of the few places that offer complete garden and lawn maintenance, fertilisation and aerator packages in Chester and around Cheshire, we also do it with reliability and a smile.

We understand that to many people a great lawn is the most important thing in the garden. Whilst there is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from achieving a top quality lawn, we also understand that as a hobby it involves a lot of time and hard work.

That's why at the Lawn Guy we now offer complete garden and lawn maintenance, fertilisation and aerator packages, meaning that we do all of the hard work allowing you more time to actually enjoy your garden.

Not only do we analyse, feed and weed but we also offer a reliable and convenient cutting service.

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Why Wouldn't We?
Correct mowing practices are the best way of ensuring a healthy looking lawn. Cutting the lawn too short, too often or not often enough can encourage lawn diseases, moss and weed growth....                        More...
Seasonal Veg Expert Advice April / May
Apply the first summer dressing of the year, ideally this will have a high nitrogen.....

If there are still worn or bare patches in the lawn it would be beneficial to over-sow with a fine grass....                                                                                                   More...