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Lawn Disease Treatment

Turf diseases are caused by a group of plants known as fungi.  The fungi that cause most problems on domestic lawns are ‘parasitic’, meaning that they live on healthy plants i.e. your lawn.  At the Lawn Guy we are committed to identifying and combatting any signs of lawn disease at the earliest opportunity, from the initial free inspection through to all subsequent visits.  The quicker the disease is remedied the less damage will be caused and the cheaper the remedy will be.

Weed Treatments

Grass Cutting

Correct mowing practices are the best way of ensuring a healthy lawn, it encourages healthier roots, helps conserve water, and ensures the grass plant remains healthy.  In return a thick healthy sward discourages weeds as the healthy grass and roots win the battle for water, food and sun and eventually out compete the weeds.  .
Unlike many other lawn treatment companies, the Lawn Guy offers a complete lawn care service; our cutting service ensures that the grass is cut at the correct height, with sharp blades and at regular intervals, all of which will help to achieve the perfect lawn.

Moss Treatments


Over time, dead roots, grass clippings, leaves and other organic matter accumulate to form a layer of thatch at the base of the grass stems. As this mat increases in density, it prevents important nutrients, water and air, from reaching the root zone and provides a perfect environment for moss to grow and insects to hide.. 
The Lawn guys' scarification process mechanically removes this thatch allowing all the goodness to reach the grass roots, leading to stronger sward and moss free lawn.