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Aeration involves the removal of thousands of cores from the lawn to allow water, air and fertiliser to get closer to the root system.  Aeration is also used where the lawn has become compact or worn due to heavy use; the plugs allow the lawn to 'breathe'.

Aeration is the most effective way of reducing sub-surface thatch and soil compaction the Lawn Guy representative will examine the levels of thatch present and advise as to whether aeration would be beneficial during the free lawn analysis..

Weed Treatments

Turf Laying / Reseeding

Whether for a brand new house or replacing an existing lawn, there is nothing like the immediate impact of a brand new lawn. At the Lawn Guy we offer both re-seeding and re-turfing options and will advise on the best option depending upon budget/usage etc.

We use only quality suppliers for both seed and lawn turf to guarantee that your new grass has the biggest and quickest impact possible.  .

Moss Treatments

Tree Work - Ground Level (CS0 & CS31 Qualified)


  • Tree felling/removal
  • Logging
  • Pruning
  • Vegetation clearance